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Once Living With Her Parents, Now A First Time Home Owner

Posted by on November 6, 2013

Julia always lives with her parents, One day she decided to grab the phone and set up an appointment with us to start her journey and went on the process of being a first time home owner. Through our Bad Credit Program™ , before she knew it, she is going on a settlement for her own dream home.
The first time she walked in at the office, her credit score was 503 and after going to our proven professional credit assistance guaranteeing rapid score increase, her credit score went up to 691 which is “Awesome!” as she said. Dedicated people from Philadelphia House helped her of atleast fifty thousand dollar collection, encourage her to save some money and made her qualified for a mortgage.
Now, not only she feels owning something for herself but she actually does own a piece of Philadelphia Real Estate, her own dream home for herself. And on the whole life-changing process, we are there with Julia from the first time she decided to have that change to the moment she actually steped in to her own house the first time.
If you have the same dream of having your own house but worried about your Bad Credit Score, give us a call now and we will show you how. Contact us we are here to help and make you realized your dream.
You or other people you know may have the same dream as Julia’s,realize we are here to make that dream come true. “There is always better than renting, there is Philadelphia House!” Like us and share this article.

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