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Nelissa Bascoe – 470 to 670 Credit Score!

Posted by on September 8, 2012

Nelissa came to Philadelphia Real Estate in July of 2011. She is a native from Jamaica but came to America with her family as a little girl. She surrounds herself with family and cherrishes her mother who is the godfather of the family. Her mother worked hard for many years and purchased her house but since had fallen ill and even though she wanted to help her daughter could not. Nelissa had been renting a house for many years and after numerous calls for repairs that went unanswered was growing frustrated with her landlord. The final problem straw was when her basement was flooded and many of her items she stored down there were destroyed. As a hardworking mother who never seemed to have never gotten the chance to form the proper financial habits she came to us with her always glowing smile and positive energy needing help.

We put Nelissa on our program and she started out strong but then problems in life caused her a delay. Her mother fell ill again and the family had to pull together to make it through the tough time. This derailed Nelissa but did not beat her. As soon as mom was better Nelissa got herself together and continued her journey down the road to homeownership. Gods delays are not Gods denials. You know this is true because today Nelissa is a proud Homeowner who owns her own Philadelphia House. Only a Video can show you how happy she is so Philadelphiahouse.Com is glad to provide it for you. CONGRATULATION NELISSA – We Love your Story!

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  1. philly_house

    Good Job!

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