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Jodi Almost Lost Her Daughter Due To A Fire

Posted by on November 25, 2013

Jodi moved in Philadelphia last 2009 which is supposed to be a Rent To Own Home but the owner wouldn’t fix a thing and before she knew it, the house was sold to someone else and made Jodi and her dauther’s life almost a living hell according to her. The Landlord decided to put everything on one electric circuit braker where her daughter was most of the time home by herself. One time the fire department called Jodi while see’s still at work and all she can hear was the dog hawling and she simply do not know what to do. That made her decide to give PhillyStopRenting a call., before she knew it, she is going on a settlement for her own dream home.
When she came to, her credit score was 618 and have bankruptcy. Two hours before her Settlement, her credit score went up to 650 and she said she feels great about it.
.Through our Professional Credit Assistance, Jodi was able to get her thing back in order with her life and was able to get her Credit Score to 650 and made her qualified for a mortgage. Jodi was more than happy to work with the staff as she thought they were supportive and always there to help whenever she needs somethng to be done with her journey to being a home owner.
If you have the same dream of having your own house but worried about your Bad Credit Score, give us a call now and we will show you how. Contact us we are here to help and make you realized your dream.
You or other people you know may have the same experience with the Landlord as Jodi’s,Never fix a thing but always there to collect your rent, realize we are here to help you become a home owner. “There is always better than renting, there is Philadelphia House!” Like us and share this article.

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