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Horace Barnes – 580 to 696 Credit Score!

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Horace came to Philadelphia House frustrated and demoralized. Horace is a real handyman and loves to fix things around the house. The problem was it really wasn’t his house. It was the landlords house. All the improvements, all the sweat equity that Horace was putting into the house was not benefiting him but his landlord. He wanted to buy a house for him and his family. He knew buy owning Philadelphia Real Estate he would will have his stake in America.

The problem was his credit scores were low and every real estate professional he went to gave him one minute advice and could not help him. That was until he came to Philadelphia Real Estate and through our Bad Credit Program put him on the road to home ownership. Now that he is a homeowner Horace feels he has the freedom and flexibility to further his dreams in America and be successful. As he said, “….from this point on things can just get better”. Now when Horace fixes something in the house the equity goes in to his pocket and not his landlords.

Good job Horace we Love your Story!

What’s your story? We would love to hear it. Give us a call.

4 Responses to Horace Barnes – 580 to 696 Credit Score!

  1. philly_house

    Good Job Horace!

  2. philly_house

    Keep up the good work

  3. philly_house

    Keep up the good work

  4. Lucia

    PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF CREDIT CARD COUNCILING COMPANIES. They will not make your payments on time and they will make your crdeit worse. When you apply for a mortgage they will consider this a Bankruptcy. It sort of depends on what you would like to do. Rather than paying off collections and chargeoffs it is better to make all your payments on time and keep all your balances below 50% of your high crdeit limit. If you would just like to pay off the collections to keep them from calling and sending letters then go ahead but helping your crdeit score? It will not help your score that much.

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