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Frankie Cook – 603 to 700 Credit Score!

Posted by on January 3, 2013

From a 2 bedroom 2nd Floor apartment to a large 3 bedroom house Frankie Cook and his family took part in the American Dream of Homeownership this past Thursday. Frankie was always a hard worker and as he said, “Always had money just didn’t have the credit score”. As a young man he got caught in what is known as the quick sand of bad credit. This is when something bad gets on your credit usually due to medical companies not billing your insurance company correctly and then unpaid bill ends up on your credit file as a collection. Life is busy and you do not have the time or the expertise to get this fixed. Then more of the same type of stuff happens, companies saying you owe more than you do on bills, collections companies throwing stuff on your credit for items that were sent to you for free but the small print said if you agree to pay for it after 30 days, all of which require you to spend time and effort in becoming a legal expert on defending your credit file. This does not happen and before you know it you are resigned to the fact that you now have bad credit. You become demoralized and are tagged as having bad credit and think you are ruined for the next 7 years. This does not have to be the case as Frankie found out. Through our Philadelphia Real Estate’s Proprietary “Bad Credit Program™” Frankie was able to buy a large house for him and his family. The program is designed to help high risk borrowers qualify for mortgages that will to help them purchase a newly renovated house. We accomplish this through helping you change your financial habits that will result in you getting a higher credit score along with getting approved for mortgage. Frankie contacted Philadelphia House and he is now a Homeowner! Contact us for all your Philadelphia Real Estate needs.

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