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First Time Buyer

Posted by on October 20, 2011

Are you a First Time Buyer? No worries, we can help you out.

One of the major factors that can drag a first time buyer to making a wrong choice is when no one smart enough to help him or her. After years of renting a place and seeing what you worked for as waste since it doesn’t end up anything that you will own, you have finally come up to your senses of owning a place of your own. You may have little savings, your credit may be good but a wrong choice could possibly lead you to a wrong turn.

We at Philadelphia House, are experts in this field. In our 20 years of experience, we have renovated more than 500 houses and we always have something available for you. Our trusted agents have helped many lives achieve their dreams and now enjoying living an exciting life. We can help.

Talk to us, and we’ll see to it that everything that we can offer is:


Every person has the right to achieve in his or her dreams. Believing in oneself, coupled with hard work will eventually lead you to success. So anything’s possible, anything’s attainable.



What is your credit score? Let’s talk it over and see what we can do to help. We have experts helping us to gain confidence on your credit scores and by the time it’s up, your dream is reachable by the hand.



Our newly renovated homes are built for your own comfort and design. All you need to do is move in and enjoy the pleasure of living the dream of your life. From flooring to walls, bathroom to kitchen everything that you will see will amaze you.



We are here, we are ready. All you need to do is come and visit us, talk to us and we can plan things out. Visit our website and see how people are talking about us, how their lives had been transformed, how the dreams had been achieved.


So why rent when you can own? Why waste your income to a dead money when you can earn something you worked hard for. This is your chance to fix your choice, act now before it’s too late. Give us a call, visit our office, check out our website and see to believe.


One Response to First Time Buyer

  1. Josef

    I am actually fiinlg bankruptcy AND saving for baby. I know people think bankruptcy is SOOO bad but it’s not as terrible as people think and in my situation it’s the best thing. After my divorce I was left with ALL the debt that we accrued since EVERYTHING (credit cards, loans etc. were all in my name) Then not long after I was put in the hopital for kidney failure and had no insurance (that’s a nice little bill let me tell you what!! ) Bankruptcy is not cheap but it works for me AND allows me to save for me new baby! GOOD LUCK HUN! References :

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