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Deshanta Lee – 578 to 650 Credit Score!

Posted by on September 20, 2012

Two and Half years Later Deshanta says this about buying a Philadelphia House “It was the best decision of my life”

If you think going through all the aggrevation of being a homeowner is worth it then watch the video and see how happy Deshanta Lee is two and half years later. That’s when Deshanta purchased her Philadelphia House from us. Her score was a 578 and through our Bad Credit Program she was able to get her score up to a 650. As she describes in her video from back then it was a huge milestone in her life.


Two and a half years later and Deshanta is even happier. We love it when our customers come in and say hello and Deshanta did that this week. She walked in with a glow and a smile on her face, because of little Ebony, her 3 month old new born daughter. Deshanta is enjoying motherhood in her own home. When asked if she was glad that she purchased a house she looked at little Ebony and said, “It was the best decision of my life”. Little Ebony has her own room that mom decorated especially for her. Ebony is so cute! When I leaned in close and said, “ Hi” she looked at me and gave me such a smile that I just know she is going to be a heart breaker. Good luck keeping all the boys away Deshanta.

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  1. philly_house

    Good to see you again.