Jodi Almost Lost Her Daughter Due To A Fire

Jodi moved in Philadelphia last 2009 which is supposed to be a Rent To Own Home but the owner wouldn’t fix a thing and before she knew it, the house was sold to someone else and made Jodi and her dauther’s life almost a living hell according to her. The Landlord decided to put everything on one electric circuit braker where her daughter was most of the time home by herself. One time the fire department called Jodi while see’s still at work and all she can hear was the dog hawling and she simply do not know what to do. That made her decide to give PhillyStopRenting a call., before she knew it, she is going on a settlement for her own dream home.
When she came to, her credit score was 618 and have bankruptcy. Two hours before her Settlement, her credit score went up to 650 and she said she feels great about it. Read more »

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Once Living With Her Parents, Now A First Time Home Owner

Julia always lives with her parents, One day she decided to grab the phone and set up an appointment with us to start her journey and went on the process of being a first time home owner. Through our Bad Credit Program™ , before she knew it, she is going on a settlement for her own dream home.
The first time she walked in at the office, her credit score was 503 and after going to our proven professional credit assistance guaranteeing rapid score increase, her credit score went up to 691 which is “Awesome!” as she said. Dedicated people from Philadelphia House helped her of atleast fifty thousand dollar collection, encourage her to save some money and made her qualified for a mortgage. Read more »

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Marilyn Sanchez – 557 to 686 Credit Score!


Marilyn Sanchez loved living with family but owning a house is an initiation to the next level of her life. Its one of the major stages of life where you go from growing up to getting your drivers licenses to graduating school to getting a career job and now owning a house. It’s the natural progression of life where we all wean ourselves off of the financial support our family has given us to become totally independent. We will always need our families love and support but by owning your own house you are now building up your own wealth. Plus its always great when you do not to have to live under someone else’s roof and live by their rules. No offense to all the moms out there. Read more »

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Frankie Cook – 603 to 700 Credit Score!


From a 2 bedroom 2nd Floor apartment to a large 3 bedroom house Frankie Cook and his family took part in the American Dream of Homeownership this past Thursday. Frankie was always a hard worker and as he said, “Always had money just didn’t have the credit score”. As a young man he got caught in what is known as the quick sand of bad credit. This is when something bad gets on your credit usually due to medical companies not billing your insurance company correctly and then unpaid bill ends up on your credit file as a collection. Read more »

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Deshanta Lee – 578 to 650 Credit Score!


Two and Half years Later Deshanta says this about buying a Philadelphia House “It was the best decision of my life”

If you think going through all the aggrevation of being a homeowner is worth it then watch the video and see how happy Deshanta Lee is two and half years later. That’s when Deshanta purchased her Philadelphia House from us. Her score was a 578 and through our Bad Credit Program she was able to get her score up to a 650. As she describes in her video from back then it was a huge milestone in her life. Read more »

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Horace Barnes – 580 to 696 Credit Score!


Horace came to Philadelphia House frustrated and demoralized. Horace is a real handyman and loves to fix things around the house. The problem was it really wasn’t his house. It was the landlords house. All the improvements, all the sweat equity that Horace was putting into the house was not benefiting him but his landlord. He wanted to buy a house for him and his family. He knew buy owning Philadelphia Real Estate he would will have his stake in America. Read more »

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Nelissa Bascoe – 470 to 670 Credit Score!


Nelissa came to Philadelphia Real Estate in July of 2011. She is a native from Jamaica but came to America with her family as a little girl. She surrounds herself with family and cherrishes her mother who is the godfather of the family. Her mother worked hard for many years and purchased her house but since had fallen ill and even though she wanted to help her daughter could not. Nelissa had been renting a house for many years and after numerous calls for repairs that went unanswered was growing frustrated with her landlord. The final problem straw was when her basement was flooded and many of her items she stored down there were destroyed. As a hardworking mother who never seemed to have never gotten the chance to form the proper financial habits she came to us with her always glowing smile and positive energy needing help. Read more »

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Philadelphia PA Real Estate – Finding The Perfect Philly Place

By Edward Walker

Most of the 1.5 million people living in Philadelphia PA would agree that it is a great place to live. The sixth most populous city in the world, Philadelphia is renowned for its cuisine, arts, and historical significance. New England is notoriously beautiful in the fall, so it is easy to see why people become so enamored of the City of Brotherly Love. If you want to see what all the hype is about, you are probably interested in the state of Philadelphia PA real estate. You will be glad to find that there are plenty of Philadelphia homes for sale, in a range of prices and a variety of neighborhoods. Read more »

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First Time Buyer

Are you a First Time Buyer? No worries, we can help you out.

One of the major factors that can drag a first time buyer to making a wrong choice is when no one smart enough to help him or her. After years of renting a place and seeing what you worked for as waste since it doesn’t end up anything that you will own, you have finally come up to your senses of owning a place of your own. You may have little savings, your credit may be good but a wrong choice could possibly lead you to a wrong turn. Read more »

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